Embroider heart with tension stitches

In the Stitch embroidery magazine of a few years ago there was a nice heart embroidered in tension stitches. It looks a bit like the threadwork I used to make where you had to wrap threads around nails in a certain order, after which you got a kind of geometric figure. That’s how this heart … Read more

All kinds of hearts to embroider

Every year on February 14 it is Valentine‚Äôs Day. If I like one day it is this day. Not for the commercial side with the expensive gifts, but purely for the praise of love and romance. The most beautiful symbol of this is the heart. You can find all kinds of patterns of hearts on … Read more


Country-kitchen I have already put the stuff in there. I still have doubts about the type and color of the tiles on the wall and floor. I think this is a well-known dilemma among miniaturists. Tea room corner Tea room corner Tea room corner Tea room corner Tea room corner – Coffee pot Tea room … Read more

My grandparents’ house

Living room Bedroom Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen cupboard Stove Cleaning A gas hob on a wood-fired oven may be a wonderful combination, but there’s a reason for that.In the 2nd World War, the wood-burning oven was a godsend and my grandmother didn’t want to give it up. When the gas hob made its appearance in the … Read more