90 narrow cross stitch borders

This time I show you my embroidered border patch and share the patterns. I embroidered the borders on a 5 cm wide aida band and the length became 93 cm. With a few exceptions, all borders are no higher than 3 crosses. When I started I had no idea how long it would be, that would depend on how many borders I managed to come up with. It was a really fun challenge and a real inspiration for me.

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4168

I chose a nice color red DMC splitting thread No.815.

First I will show the pictures of the borders and then the scans of the embroidery patterns will follow. On the 1st picture border 1 and 2 are missing, but they are with the patterns.

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4158

borders 3-13

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4156

borders 14-22

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4154

borders 22-30

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4152

borders 30-39

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4150

borderes 40-50

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4147

borders 50-59

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4146

borders 59-68

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4143

borders 68-78

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4142

borders 78-90

To protect the embroidery from dirt, I rolled it up and put it in a glass jar. It now stands with some other fun items on an decorative tray to show off.

Kruissteekrand - IMG_4104

Much embroidery fun, Catherine

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