Crochet rose

Crochet a rose

This rose is super easy to crochet and ready quickly. You only have to crochet 2 rows, then roll up the rose and sew it down. Your rose is ready. You can make the rose as big as you want by using a thicker or thinner crochet hook with matching yarn. I crocheted it with a 3 mm crochet hook and cotton yarn and it became 5.5 cm. This rose is very nice to e.g. to decorate a present, boring clothes, a hair clip or bag.

Needed: a crochet hook of your choice with matching yarn.

Cast on 32 chains + 3 chains. Leave a long piece of yarn hanging at the beginning to sew the rose.

1st row: 2 double crochets in the 4th chain stitch from the hook, * 1 chain stitch, skip 1 chain stitch, 3 double crochets  in the next chain stitch *. Repeat between ** until the end of the row. End with 3 double crochets in the last chain stitch, 2 chain stitches. Turn.

In the 2nd row you work a group of (1 double crochet, 3 double treble crochets, 1 double crochet) on each group of double crochets from the previous row. For clarity I have crocheted the beginning of the 2nd row in a different color, see the pictures below.

2nd row: 1 double crochet in the 1st double crochet. (see photo 1).

Crochet a rose
Photo 1

3 double treble crochets in the 2nd double crochet. (See photo 2).

Crochet a rose
Photo 2

1 double crochet on the 3rd double crochet. (See photo 3).

Crochet a rose
Photo 3

2 chain stitches, 1 single crochet in the 1-chain space of the previous row, 2 chain stitches. (See photo 4).

Crochet a rose
Photo 4

This is how you continue to crochet to the end of the row. (See photo 5).

Crochet a rose
Photo 5

When the 2nd row is finished, fasten off, roll up the rose and sew it with the long thread at the beginning.

Crochet a rose

Happy crocheting, Catherine.

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