It all started with this photo on the winter issue of the P&M from 1993. The dollhouse virus had been raging in the Netherlands for some time and I knew that, but I was firmly committed not to start a new hobby, because I already had so many ……

But yeah…….

The photo of this kitchen brought back so many memories of wonderful childhood holidays that I bought the magazine just for this photo and I declare with hand on my heart that I really did not intend to deal with dollhouses …… ..

But yeah……..

There were so many nice things described in this issue of P&M, as well as in the following one that it started to itch and bubble ……. and I fell in love with the dollhouse thing.

Then the questions came

How do you start?
What do you start with?
Where do I get my things from?

So I went to Pommerijntje, the dollhouse shop that was still to be found in Rotterdam at the time. The owner, Janny Koopman, showed me around after I had explained to her what I wanted to know and said: “Girl, put your bag behind the counter, have a look around first and then I’ll tell you what you want to know. Do you like coffee? ” No sooner said than done. After fifteen minutes I was dizzy from all the beautiful things that were there and every minute I became more enthusiastic and also very greedy.

While enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, Janny advised me to start a shop. “You can use all kinds of things there, it does not necessarily have to fit together and this way you can find out whether you continue to enjoy messing around with all that little stuff.”

What a wonderful start to the best and most versatile hobby I know.

Enjoy watching,


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