Embroidery cookie

Embroidery cookie
Embroidery cookie
Embroidery cookie

If the weather forecast is a bit favorable, my love and I sometimes want to go to a forest to enjoy. A few years ago we enjoyed a forest that showed its most colorful side. When we went there for a cup of coffee, the following dialogue developed:

Catherine: Waiter ..?
Waiter: Yes ma’am.
Catherine: I just had a cup of coffee from you with a delicious biscuit.
Waiter: That’s right madam.
Catherine: Have a look at what a nice pattern there is on the cookie.
Waiter: Wonderful madam.
Catherine: I’d love to embroider that pattern.
Waiter: What an amusing idea ma’am.
Catherine: But I’ve already taken a bite of the biscuit, so unfortunately that is no longer possible.
Waiter: You want another cookie. I’ll see if I have one more like that, ma’am.
Catherine: That would be great waiter.
Waiter: Look, ma’am, here you have another biscuit and I added another one, perhaps also with a nice pattern.
Catherine: Thank you waiter, you are awesome.

Also a way to get your patterns… .. right?

Have a nice day, turn it into a beautiful embroidery.

Good luck, Catherine

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