Mandala coloring and decorating


For a birthday card I wanted to color a mandala. I also thought it would be a nice addition to decorate the mandala after coloring with gold-colored figures from a sticker sheet.


In my enthusiasm, I had not paid attention to the size of the card when picking out a beautiful mandala. I soon discovered that the entire mandala would not fit on the card. No problem, I cut the appropriate part out of the coloring sheet. I will use the remaining part in something else one day.


The colored pencils I used are Faber Castell Polychromos brand:

  • nr: 9201-225, Dunkelrot, Dark Red.
  • nr: 9201-115, Kadmiumorange Dunkel, Dark Cadmium Orange.
  • nr: 9201-111, Kadmiumorange, Cadmium Orange.
  • nr: 9201-108, Kadmiumgelb Dunkel, Dark Cadmium Yellow.
  • nr: 9201-186, Terracotta.
  • nr: 9201-159, Hooker’s Grün, Hooker’s Green.
  • nr: 9201-171, Lichtgrün, Light Green.
  • nr: 9201-151, Helioblau Rötlich, Helioblue Reddish.

Greetings, Catherine.

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