Slow Stitching Winter 2022 – part 1

Slow Stitching - IMG_4672

In the picture you see a detail of a Slow Stitching embroidery I am working on. For those who do not know what Slow Stitching is, here is a brief explanation. Slow Stitching is a way of stitching without a pattern, where the pleasure of stitching simple stitches is the main thing. A beautiful result is not the main goal, but it is about enjoying the stitching itself, very relaxed, stitch by stitch.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4651

It started with a beautiful piece of gobelin fabric. The longer I looked at it, the more excited I got to decorate this piece with embroidery, lace and beads.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4659

Without knowing in advance how it would turn out, I picked out various yarns, lace and applications that did color with the fabric. Time would tell if everything would come in handy.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4653

I started stitching on the section at the bottom right of the picture.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4662

First, I embroidered festoon stitches and stem stitches around the design on the fabric. Then I embroidered several rows with running stitches. The motif is not embroidered completely, because I ran out of thread. Now I could have continued embroidering with the running stitches with a new thread, but I got a nicer idea.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4672

With loose chain stitches, a small white applique as a heart with blue beads, the open part was decorated with 2 flowers.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4656

In this photo you see middle left and middle right 2 quarter circles. I thought it would be fun to decorate it with a string of transparent beads.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4669

In this photo the beads are attached with a transparent sewing thread.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4673

Along the beads I embroidered some stem stitches and sequins.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4674

Here it can be seen a little more clearly.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4676

Here’s a small overview.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4680

In this photo is a spool of blue glittery thread. This yarn is too thick to embroider with, but I solved that by fastening it with a thin thread, this is the technique of sewing on the thread. I have also applied this technique in a few other places as you can see in the next 2 pictures.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4686
Slow Stitching - IMG_4684

In the last 2 pictures I have embroidered the beads and the blue glittery thread on the left side of the gobelin patch.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4691

In this photo you can see that the left side is embroidered with basting stitches.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4695

To finish it off, a flower of tulle was added to the embroidery.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4696

So far where I left off with embroidery and added some new ideas, such as a number of applications in the form of flowers on the right, silver-colored gauze ribbon at the bottom and diamond-shaped applications on the left.

Slow Stitching - IMG_4689

The diamond-shaped applications can be seen more clearly in this photo. The flower at the top left does not participate. The transparent piece of cloth at the bottom of the photo is.

This was the first embroidery report. There will be a next part when I have progressed further. It is quite a large piece of work, but oh so much fun to do.

Enjoy watching.
Greetings, Catherine.

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