Windmill blades

Windmill blades - IMG_4438

This is my first piece in Slow Stitching and it was a joy to make. It started with collecting patches, matching colors of yarn, buttons, beads, appliques and lace.

Windmill blades - IMG_4391

How it would turn out? Not a clue. Being inspired by the materials, that was the challenge.
Then followed a creative process that consisted of playfully combining, adding and removing colors and materials. Until the beginning of a design emerged that was a good basis to continue with.
In Slow Stitching the result is not the most important thing, but the relaxed activity without thinking in advance. Just starting something at random doesn’t suit me, I like to have an idea how it will turn out.

On the following pictures you can see how that went about.

In the end, it turned out quite different, but I’m happy with it.

Windmill blades - IMG_4438

I will show some more details.

Greetings, Catherine.

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